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California cold case murder victim leads police to her alleged killer after 25 years

Christine Munro was killed in Redding when she was 37.

A California nurture assaulted and slaughtered while running may have helped criminologists understand her virus case murder following 25 years.

Christine Munro was 37 when she was killed in Redding on a mid year day in 1995.

Redding police said last January a criminologist surveying the case resubmitted Munro’s fingernail scrapings for examination with DNA innovation that didn’t exist at the hour of the homicide.

A half year later, they were informed of a DNA coordinate with that of James Watkins, a 42-year-elderly person carrying out a 14-year punishment in a Texas state jail for theft.

“In straightforward terms, Watkin’s DNA was under Christine Munro’s fingernails at the hour of her homicide,” Redding Police Chief Bill Schueller told a news gathering Friday.

Watkins was flown from Texas to Redding and imprisoned on assault, hijacking and murder accusations.

Subsequent to moving to Redding from Texas in mid 1995 at 17 years old to live with his auntie and uncle, Watkins had a few spats with the Redding Police Department for minor offenses, Schueller said.

Watkins moved back to Texas in 1997 and aggregated a record of feelings that included rape, theft, getaway and bank burglary, he said.

“He has spent a huge part of his life in jail,” the boss said of Watkins.

Reports at the hour of the homicide state Munro’s executioner cut her throat. The wrongdoing occurred on a running path in Redding along the Sacramento River.

In 1997, an indicted attacker dishonestly admitted to Munro’s homicide and there was inadequate actual proof to attach him to the wrongdoing.

Throughout the long term the case went cold.

Munro had four kids and one of them expressed gratitude toward each one of the individuals who assist lead with policing to Watkins, KHSL-TV detailed.

“She adored the waterway trail and I take comfort that she passed on in the spot she cherished so a lot,” she said.

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