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Meta Copied VR Technology Key to Metaverse Gaming, Immersion Claims

VR Technology that Meta Plagiarized Immersion Claims are Crucial to Metaverse Gaming.

Immersion Corp. claimed in a complaint that Meta Platforms Inc. constructed its industry-leading virtual reality headset by infringing on its patents.

Immersion said in a case filed Thursday in federal court in Waco, Texas, that the Meta Quest 2, which dominates the market, infringes on six patents relating haptic technology. Haptics are vibrations that simulate real-life forces in video game systems and controls, such as blocking a punch in a virtual boxing game.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has pledged to invest $10 billion each year to realize his vision of a virtual reality-enabled metaverse.

Immersion, which specializes in haptics patents, has a reputation for taking on some of the world’s most powerful companies in licensing disputes.

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