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Company number:0123378900
Company status:Voluntarily Dissolved
Incorporation date: 4 June 1992 (over 29 years ago)
Company type:Domestic For-Profit Corporation
Jurisdiction:Texas (US)
Business number:unavailable
Registered address:PO BOX 21, KINGSLAND, 78639, TX, USA
Agent name:unavailable
Identifiers:[{"1. Identifier system":"US Texas TIN"},{"Identifier":"17426391755"},{"Categories":"Tax"}]
Alternative names:TEXAS BAG INCORPORATED (trading name, 1992-06-04 - 2016-10-18), TEXAS BAG CORP. (trading name, 1997-04-21 - 2007-04-21)
Recent filings:31 Dec 2016 Public Information Report (PIR)
18 Oct 2016 Certificate of Termination
31 Dec 2015 Public Information Report (PIR)
31 Dec 2015 Public Information Report (PIR)
31 Dec 2014 Public Information Report (PIR)
31 Dec 2013 Public Information Report (PIR)
31 Dec 2012 Public Information Report (PIR)
31 Dec 2011 Public Information Report (PIR)
Company addresses:Mailing Address PO BOX 21, KINGSLAND, TX, 78639
Latest events:2021-03-01 - 2021-04-30 Addition of officer R G FLOYD, director
2021-03-01 - 2021-04-30 Addition of officer Rg Floyd, agent
2021-03-01 - 2021-04-30 Change of status from 'Dissolved' to 'Voluntarily Dissolved'
Officers:R G FLOYD president
R G FLOYD director
Rg Floyd agent

R G FLOYD, Position: president


R G FLOYD, Position: director


Rg Floyd, Position: agent

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