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The most powerful 5G mobile in the world offers next-gen specifications

If you felt the annual smartphone update was leading handsets to stalemate, you clearly didn’t have ample access to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The handset is the biggest and most ambitious Galaxy smartphone by Samsung to date, with the firm offering the world’s most sophisticated 5 G phone jam-packed with massive camera specifications.
Samsung’s 6.9-inch S20 Ultra screen is the biggest offering yet for the company, with the device even larger than last year’s 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The bigger dynamic AMOLED display is perfect for those who consume media or play games on their device, with the only distraction being a tiny hole punch camera at the top of the device.
In addition , Samsung has taken its smartphones to a new frontier by doubling the display refresh rate to 120Hz. This provides an impressively smooth experience, with every move and every fluid of animation.
It is worth noting that the resolution of 120Hz will only work at the default FHD+ resolution, which will drain your battery more quickly. Switching back to 60Hz, however, will take some readjustment if you use the 120Hz beforehand to not feel choppy.

Samsung’s S20 Ultra has a quad camera mounted at the rear of the smartphone-a main 108-megapixel sensor, a 48-megapixel telephoto lens, an extra-wide 12-megapixel camera, and a 3D flight time sensor that helps attach dimension to your photos.
The ultra-high – resolution sensor, combined with software enhancements, will allow a combined zoom up to 100x, with the feature dubbed “space zoom.”
Images offer exceptional detail, color and sharpness, capable of rivaling photographs taken on a DLSR camera.
While the 100x zoom is really good, it will need a tripod to get the feature’s maximum potential as handheld images may become blurred.

The front-facing hole punch system has been updated from the 10-megapixel sensor on the other versions into a 40-megapixel module.
Samsung has also launched a revolutionary “One Take” shooting feature that allows synchronized use of all sensors, providing 10 shots and mini-videos – some of which were stylised.
The noticeably pronounced rectangular quad camera system at the back of the device is one downside of the phone’s camera. The camera still protrudes even with a case that could lead to lens scratching.
Camera features have also enhanced, with the system capable of shooting up to 8 K in a large range of resolutions.

While you’ll need an 8 K television to perform the video in complete fidelity, I can’t help but love the specifications.
The device also offers video options that include slow-mo, super slow-mo and hyperlapse.
Samsung’s S20 Ultra offers up to 16 GB of internal storage and 512 GB of RAM. A 7 nm 64-bit Octra-Core processor poweres the computer.
The device is running Android 10 skiing Samsung’s own One UI 2.0.
Including one of the largest battery capacities on the market today (5000mAh), the S20 Ultra is easily capable of a full day of use – though as mentioned earlier, the 120Hz display setting will chew through your battery. The product comes with a 25W fast charger which can be purchased separately with a 45W charger.

Last year’s in-screen fingerprint sensor has returned, but sadly it is the first S phone without a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
This phone isn’t for everybody, particularly those price-conscious consumers reluctant to pay for a new smartphone upwards of $1999.
Many devices in the price segment include the Galaxy Fold by Samsung, the Razr flip by Motorola and the 11 Pro Max iPhone. Those willing to drop the extra cash will however be rewarded with premium features that are hard to find on any other device. While the average consumer may not need 5 G, 8 K video or a refresh rate of 120Hz, it appears that Samsung is already proofing its devices for the future, and that is never a bad thing.

If you love big devices and you want some of the best specs on the market, then the S20 Ultra is your device.

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