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Three suspects steal 32 weapons from the Pflugerville gun range

Three suspects burglarized a gun range in western Pflugerville Monday, stealing 32 guns, police say.

The three offenders forced entry on West Pecan Street to Red’s Indoor Range North when it was locked at around 3:30 a.m .  June 1-June 1 The suspects are described as 5’2″-5’6 “light-skinned, dark hair and thin builds. 32 Firearms to include both handguns and long guns were stolen. Police in Pflugerville say ATF is investigating the theft. ATF and NSSF are offering up to $ 5,000 in reward for information about the suspects.

Tips can be submitted by calling 888-ATF-TIPS, emailing them, online, or using the reportIt app. The award is part of a broader NSSF-ATF regional partnership program in which NSSF supplements ATF incentives in instances of gun theft from federally approved weapons dealers. ATF claims it works closely with weapons industry representatives to prevent illegal advantage and abuse of weapons.

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