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Trump-nominated US attorney in East Texas Unexpectedly resigns

A U.S. lawyer named by President Donald Trump in Texas declared his resignation Tuesday, offering no reason for his unexpectedly sudden exit.

According to a tweet, Joseph Brown, who has worked as United States Attorney for the Texas Eastern District since 2018, will quit office on May 31st.

The statement offers no explanation for the 50-year-old lead prosecutor’s exit but to claim that he would be “pursuing opportunities in the private and public sectors” and “some of those will become apparent in the coming days.” It also doesn’t specify who will head the office in the meantime; the vast authority stretches from the Dallas suburbs to Beaumont. Brown and a spokesman have not replied to requests for feedback.

Brown ‘s departure came two months after ProPublica revealed that his agency has spent years investigating a federal lawsuit against Walmart over the pharmaceutical drug policies, only to see it stymied when the retail giant ‘s attorneys complained to top officials in the Justice Department. The paper outlines a possible prosecutor organizational battle that culminated in high-ranking department executives telling Brown to back down.
Walmart has refuted any wrongdoing perpetrated by any of its workers. A spokeswoman for the Justice Department refused to speak.

Brown cited the successful indictment of ”pill mill” doctors by his office in Tuesday’s speech, including one identified in ProPublica article.

 “We must win the fight against opioid abuse in order to save our country,” he said. “But in order to be effective, we must be willing to prosecute all facets of the expansive network that feeds these destructive drugs into our communities. Players both big and small must meet equal justice under the law.”

U.S. attorneys are nominated by the President and open to approval by the Senate. At a transition of government, they may quit or be dismissed but several work under several presidents.
Brown had worked as district attorney in Grayson City , Texas for years previous to his nomination.

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